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The Top 5 Myths about Making It in the Music Business

The Top 5 Myths about Making It in the Music Business

You have loved the idea of making it in the music business and have thought what it would be like to become a big star, but is it really possible? There is no doubt that music is popular at the moment and there are thousands of potential stars just waiting to break into the showbiz world. However, there are a few myths that are getting newcomers a bit confused. The following are five of the top myths about making it in the music business; and you might be interested in learning about them also.

Listening to the Advice of those with no Experience in Music or the Music Industry to Be Successful

A lot of people believe the old myth that they should ask the oldest person they know in order to help them break into the music world. Why ask the oldest person they know? Well, because they’ve been around the longest and have heard music come and go for many years. In reality, listening to the advice of someone who doesn’t know much about the music industry or has never worked within it might set you up for a fall. Instead, get advice from people who know. Learn more about how music relax the mind.

You Must Have a Degree to Become a Musician

While it’s good to have a degree behind you, it won’t necessarily ensure your success in the music world. In truth, a degree can’t make you a better vocalist or a better instrument player although it can give you a better understanding of music. However, it’s not necessarily going to ensure you break into the music world and become a famous singer or musician. That’s something which most people have to get out their heads when taking on a music degree.

The Top 5 Myths about Making It in the Music Business

One Good Song Makes Your Career

When you have one good song that people like, it will make your career—or so the myth goes. In reality, anyone can have a great song that reaches number one in all major charts but that doesn’t make your career. You have to work on from there and continue so that you can actually establish your breakthrough in the music world. There are thousands of one-hit wonders and you don’t want to be one of them. You want a string of successful hits. Visit for music career courses and opportunities.

Hard Work isn’t Needed

The old hard-working myth comes into play again and many musicians trying to break into the music business think they don’t need to put hard work into their efforts. However, anyone looking to succeed needs to put in as much hard work as possible so that they can break into this industry. Remember, there are dozens of others like you and if you don’t put in the effort you can essentially lose out. That’s why it’s time to put in your determination and hard work. Click here to know about employment statistics of Musicians and Singers.

It’s a Waste of Time Writing Your Own Music Until You’re established as a Musician

Let’s be honest, a lot of singers and musicians believe that, if they write their own music, it will never be taken seriously until they’ve had a successful hit. However, that’s not the case. If you want to make it in the music business, you have to show what makes you unique and what makes you different. There are myths stating there’s no point writing any music when you want to make it in the music business but, in reality, it’s what you need to do. If you can show you are a good and talented singer and writer, it might help you succeed more.

Forget the Myths

Sometimes, the myths are going to slow you down rather than help you push on in your pursuit of a musical career. Sometimes, you get bad advice from people who don’t know anything about the industry and other times, you think just because someone’s famous they’ll be earning loads. In reality, you have to put all those myths to one side so that you have a better chance of succeeding and making it in the music world.

4 Questions about the Music Industry You Should NOT Be Asking

4 Questions about the Music Industry You Should NOT Be Asking

People are interested every single day in getting into the music industry and it’s easy to see why. This industry is on the rise and there are all sorts of avenues to explore, from making it in the big leagues to having regular gigs in bars and restaurants.  However, this industry still remains a bit of a mystery to some. So, what are the four questions you shouldn’t be asking about the music industry?

Is It the Big Times or Nothing?

A lot of people seem to believe that, if they want to make it as a professional within the music business, they either have to make it into the big leagues and have a million chart-selling albums or scrap around for work. In reality, there are many who have regular gigs even though they haven’t made it in the big times as yet. This can be just as rewarding as making it as a number-one selling artists of the year. It’s not always the big leagues or bust, despite what you might believe. This idea is stopping many from getting into the industry in the first place. To get more information Visit

When Will I Get a Record Deal?

Let’s be honest, there have been many stars who have started out at the bottom and who have been passed by for numerous record deals and signings. However, this hasn’t stopped them reaching the levels they want to reach. If you start asking yourself, “when will the record deal come?” you’ll end up focusing solely on that and not on anything else. Instead, you have to focus on your music so that you make it the best it can be.

4 Questions about the Music Industry You Should NOT Be Asking

How Do You Get More Fans to Listen to the Music?

While you want as many people as possible to sample your music, you can’t forget that amongst the many, there might only be one or two dedicated fans. Why does that matter? It matters because those fans are going to be worth more to you than the hundreds who have listened and can’t remember your name. It’s so important to take the time to understand that while you need people to listen to your music, you also need your loyal fan base. Music artists starting out often think as soon as they put their music out to millions, it’ll be a big hit but sometimes, it’s not. Focus on your bread and butter and you’ll get more listeners.

Should I Move to Become a Musician?

A lot of newcomers believe they have to live in the biggest cities in the world that are famed for their music production in order to become a musician. Actors do this, too, and while it might help in some instances, it’s not really a guarantee for you to work with. To be honest, you can go to the biggest cities in the country in hopes of being discovered but that doesn’t necessarily mean your music will be discovered. You are sometimes best staying where you are and trying to get your feet off the ground there. Learn more about music industry.

Enjoy Your Music

Many newcomers to this field often struggle to get started simply because they believe they have to move or that if they don’t get a record deal, their career as a musician is over. That is not the case in any way shape or form and there are lots of opportunities for musicians. It’s very important to avoid asking the above questions as they might not really help you in the long term. Love your music and hopefully you’ll reach your goals. Click here for more information about benefit from music and arts.